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Dr. Arnoldo André Tinoco 
Founding Partner

Education: Public Notary and law degree, University of Costa Rica, 1984.

Doctor of Law, (Magna Cum Laude), University of Hamburg, Germany, 1988.

Experience: Dr. Arnoldo André is the founding partner of Lexincorp Costa Rica. He is recognized as one of the most prominent lawyers in Costa Rica and maintains strong links with the European and North American communities.

Dr. André currently holds the position of General Honorate Consul of Norway in Costa Rica, is the Ex-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica and acts as Curator of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Professor of Law at the University of Costa Rica, 1984-1994, and International Arbitrator (Named by the President of Costa Rica) for the Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of Costa Rica and the Republic of Chile, since 2007.

Legal Advisor of the Embassies of Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Costa Rica.

Languages : German, English and Spanish

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